PRIDE LIFE’S MOVIE WEEK: Clapham Junction (2007)

Clapham Junction (2007)

Writer Kevin Elyot and Director Adrian Shergold (other work includes A Touch of Frost and Dirty Filthy Love) tell the tragic and real life events which took place in the Clapham Junction area of London.

Five separate stories are interwoven over a 36 hour period as a series of horrid attacks on gay men spur the residents to band together and take action.

The film was shown on the UK’s Channel 4 marking the 40th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in both England and Wales. The film’s producer, Elinor Day stated during an interview that the film had been created to raise awareness of homophobia.

Clapham Junction has gained a lot of critical acclaim from critics and viewers, but almost as many negative reviews. It’s the kind of movie you’ll have to watch and make your own mind up.