Prince: Powerful Drugs Found in Singer’s Home “Mislabeled”

The passing of Prince was shocking, but it seems that it could have possibly been prevented. Pills seized from his home contained the dangerously powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl – but were mislabeled.

This is according to officials investigating Prince’s death who spoke to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, saying that the pills were mislabeled as hydrocodone, a weaker kind of opioid.

Back in June, we learned that Prince died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, for which he had no subscription for at the time. According to the Star Tribune’s report, the singer had in excess of the fatal dose in his system when he died.

This is far from the first death linked with fentanyl, it has been linked with a surge of overdoses in the US after being put inside counterfeit medication.

According to information from the Associated Press, the pillsĀ  found in Prince’s home contained a variety of drugs including fentanyl, lidocaine and U-4770, a synthetic drug eight times more powerful than morphine.

Previous to his passing, medical exams on Prince did not reveal fentanyl in his system, showing he was not a long term user of this particular drug.

What can be safely assumed from this (although not known for sure), is that Prince took the overdose of fentanyl accidentally, thinking it was the weaker drug hydrocodone due to the mislabeling.

Hopefully, an investigation can begin as to who is responsible for the mislabeling, as well as a look at how many other people may have been effected by this.

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