Quantum Break Star Inspired By Ellen Page

The highly anticipated Xbox One and PC title, Quantum Break, has just released and the star of the game Shawn Ashmore just revealed that Ellen Page inspired him to take the role.

As you probably know, Ellen Page was in the game Beyond: Two Souls, and apparently it was Ellen’s stories of her experiences making the game that inspired Shawn to get involved with Quantum Break.

Apparently, the two of them discussed her experiences in the game development world on the set of X-Men Days of Future Past. According to some new comments from Shawn, who plays the role of Jack Joyce in Quantum Break, Ellen’s story left him with no hesitation at all when he was offered the role by developer Remedy Entertainment.

When talking in a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, Shawn said: “One of the reasons I jumped on board Quantum Break so quickly is that when we were doing re-shoots for Days of Future Past Ellen told me about her experience making ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ and she said as an actress the motion capture stuff was amazing because it was so free.”

“She didn’t have outside influences it was just her and she seemed to really like it. So her comments were like another tick in the box to make video games something I should explore.”

He then went on to say how improvements in graphics and technology will lead to more Hollywood talents getting involved with games, as of course it allows for the actors’ performance to be properly portrayed to the player.

Shawn said: “As the technology improves I think actors will find themselves leaning towards this medium because the performance you give can be accurately captured. Before, with video games, people had to overact to get the point across and you would miss some of the subtleties.”

“But now in a game like Quantum Break you can get something just as much across with a look, or a raise of an eyebrow, you don’t have to say it out loud because we’re now at that level of detail with graphics that you can properly act out a character. What Quantum Break tries does really well is take the best of the mediums of games and TV and put them together.”

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Quantum Break Star Inspired By Ellen Page
Article Name
Quantum Break Star Inspired By Ellen Page
Shawn Ashmore, the star of Quantum Break, was apparently inspired by Ellen Page to take the role.