Rainbow Rider Truck Rides Proud

It’s time for a feel-good story around the holidays, and we look no further than Tampa, FL, where truck drivers gather to celebrate The Rainbow Rider. The Rainbow Rider is an LGBT-famous truck because of its rainbow-colored map image imposed on the cab of the truck. The rainbow map helps LGBT truck drivers know they are not alone, that they drive all over the country and stand proud together. The truck’s driver commented proudly about the attention the truck receives, “In general, the positive comments, people wanting to take pictures of it, with it, and just saying thank you.” Gay couple Ricky Coffee and Bobby Loy who also drive the truck say the rainbow makes them feel more at ease and gets a lot of support, too. Loy stated, “You’ll get a lot of responses back from people in the community that, like, ‘I was having a really bad day and then I just seen this truck rolling by’ and it just made their day.”