Religious Veto on LGBT Adoption in Oklahoma and Kansas

Chamber of the Oklahoma Senate

Oklahoma and Kansas are expected to join Texas, Alabama, South Dakota. Virginia, and Michigan, to enact legislation that would allow adoption agencies to deny LGBT couples based solely on religious beliefs. Within a matter of hours, Kansas legislature passed the bill in a 25-15 vote in the Senate, and then a 63-58 vote the following day in the House. In Oklahoma, the bill was approved by the House in a 56-21 vote. In the past, Catholic Charities in cities like Washington D.C. and San Francisco have ceased adoption operations due to requirements to act against their religious beliefs. In Oklahoma and Kansas, they fear retribution and law suits due to their veto against adoption with LGBT couples; therefore, they feel the laws being enacted are there to protect their religious beliefs. Lori Ross, president of Foster Adopt Connect, a child placement agency operating in Kansas and Missouri, say that the problems they face now, are the lack of available families for adoption. “If you’re a single person, or a gay person, or a divorced person, or you’re Jewish, then you better think twice before you call,” Ross said.

The Kansas State Capitol.

The Oklahoma State Capitol.