Ricky Martin Creates LGBT Group to Support Clinton

Ricky Martin, the Latino singer who announced earlier this year that he would be supporting Hillary Clinton for president, has created an LGBT group to help advance her presidential campaign.  Martin wrote to prospective voters:

“Hillary has been a fighter for us for years, from supporting equal workplace legislation to working for equal rights for trans Americans. Now we’re standing with her. Will you join us…Growing up in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, I never dreamed that I would one day be a proud, out gay father of two beautiful little boys, in a country where marriage equality was the law of the land. Now, that’s just an average day — that’s what real progress is, Hillary knows this, and she’s not going to stop fighting. But in order to protect and build on the progress we’ve made, we need to win this election.”

For these reasons, Martin asked LGBT voters to donate at least $1 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Clinton has pledged to support LGBT rights and has included gay couples in some of her campaign advertisements.

While the former first lady was previously opposed to gay marriage, she came out supporting same sex marriage in 2013 and has since then been a strong proponent of gay rights.

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Ricky Martin Creates LGBT Group to Support Clinton
Article Name
Ricky Martin Creates LGBT Group to Support Clinton
Ricky Martin has created an LGBT group supporting Hillary Clinton’s run for president.