PRIDE LIFE’S MOVIE WEEK: Brokeback Mountain

PRIDE LIFE MOVIE WEEK: Brokeback Mountain

LGBT cinema has put out some really fantastic movies over the years; in this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the higher rated movies out there for you to check out.

To make things a little more diverse, we’ve tried to ensure that this list has a little adventure, romance, drama and yes, even murder. Don’t fret about having the movie ruined for you – these descriptions purposefully omit major spoilers and plot points. We’ve also included the trailers too, for your viewing pleasure.

So, head to the kitchen, grab some popcorn and then put your feet up with a good movie!

Brokeback Mountain a LGBT hit (2005)

Perhaps the most famous movie on this list, a box office smash hit, appealing to a wide audience – both LGBT and straight. While it may seem a little obvious and safe to include, the impact it has made by pushing LGBT relationships into the spotlight made it impossible to pass up.

It’s a film adaption of a short story (by the same name) written by author Annie Proulx. Set back in 1963, Brokeback Mountain tells the story of two men, Ennis Del Mar (played by the incredible and sorely missed Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (Played by actor Jake Gyllenhall) who are hired by a farmer to herd his sheep through the Wyoming mountains.

It’s an epic tale of love, loss and friendship, which tugged on the heartstrings of both film critics and filmgoers alike. Brokeback Mountain won no fewer than four golden globe awards, including best motion picture.

The films budget was modest, at only $14 million, but ended up grossing a staggering $178 million.