Robin Williams' gay film may never get release

Robin Williams' final film Boulevard, in which he plays the part of a gay man, may never be released.

Despite rave reviews of the movie at an early screening at the 2014 Tribeca film festival, the producers have failed to find mainstream distribution rights.

In the film Williams plays Nolan Mack, a 60-year-old married man who finally acknowledges that he is gay and finds himself falling in love with a male prostitute.

According to the Mirror on Sunday a source said: "It's really sad but it is looking impossible that Boulevard will ever see the light of day now.

"It has proved to be a struggle for it to find the support it needs to be released."

"The cast have tried, as have the crew. But for many reasons it is looking very unlikely.

"There is one suggestion it isn't up to scratch and is failing on merit to find anyone to distribute it."