Rod Stewart (Sorta) Says The Right Thing About Son’s Sexuality

During a recent interview, Rod Stewart spoke about his children. He has eight of them with five different women! His youngest child with wife Penny Lancaster is Aiden, who is five years old.

Stewart admitted that Aiden enjoys exploring his mother’s closet and dressing up in her clothes. Stewart says: “He’s always dressing up like Mary Poppins. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it.”

Then Stewart further comments on what his son’s dressing up may mean. “If he turns out to be a homosexual, that’s okay with me. As long as he’s happy.”

While we like that he will accept and support his son if he is gay, it seems like Rod may be confusing gender identity/fluidity with homosexuality when he spoke about his son. Does dressing as a woman make a man gay? Not necessarily at all!

Additionally, it’s quiet interesting that Rod Stewart, a man known for his crazy fashion choices, is now hoping that his five-year-old stops dressing like a woman. Let’s all remember some of Stewart’s most gender fluid fashion statements:




So, do you agree that Rod’s comments, albeit well-intentioned, are somewhat off-base?

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Article Name
Rod Stewart (Sorta) Says The Right Thing About Son’s Sexuality
Rod Stewart comments on son’s sexuality and comes across a bit confused between gender fluidity and sexuality.