Ronda Rousey Gets Lengthy Medical Suspension

The Ronda Rousey hype train seemed unstoppable, with Ronda having an insane winning streak and even taking down an opponent in an impressive 34 seconds.

Sadly, her luck ran out recently as she was handily defeated by Holly Holm in rather spectacular fashion.

It now seems MMA fans will have to wait a while to see a Ronda vs Holly rematch, as she has been given a lengthy medical suspension. Ronda is not allowed to fight for at least 60 days and is not allowed to have contact for 45.

She might even be given a six month suspension unless she is cleared by a CT head scan which shows no damage. It remains unclear if that will happen, as there are reports that Ronda was treated at a hospital for stitches and was given a CT scan, which came back negative.

So, it seems unlikely that Ronda will be gone from the scene for that long, it will be at least two months before we see the former UFC Women’s bantamweight champion.

UFC President Dana White had this to say: “Both of these two are going to take the next few months and go back in and start working on s**t. And they’re going to clash again and this second fight will be f***king awesome.”

As soon as Ronda is ready to get back in the ring, Holly Holm is more than ready for the rematch: “I want to fight when they give me the opportunity. I’ve never once said I want to fight this date against this person. I’ve always wanted to be the champion. My mental game is the best when I just take the opportunity when it comes, so whatever opportunity they give me is what I’ll want to take.”

“There’s always a good confidence knowing you did it once. A rematch is different. I had a brutal knockout [loss in a 2011 boxing match] and wanted that rematch so bad, and I avenged my loss. So going into a rematch, there’s a confidence for the winner of the first fight, but the other is coming with a whole different heart and a whole different mind-set. It’s a scarier fight. I’d train as hard or not harder.”

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Ronda Rousey Gets Lengthy Medical Suspension
Article Name
Ronda Rousey Gets Lengthy Medical Suspension
Following her crushing defeat against Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey has been given a lengthy medical suspension.