Roughly 1.4 Million US Adults Identify as Transgender

Transgender people and their rights have been at the forefront of the discussion for some time now, and recent figures show just how many people these important rights are for.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law’s recently updated study shows that 1.4 million adults in the US identify as transgender. The study, which is titled How Many Adults Identify as Transgender in the United States, shows that 0.6% of adults in America are transgender.

While when showed as a percentage, it seems like a small number, it is still a large amount of people given the sheer amount of population in the US.

Jody Herman, one of the authors of the study, had this to say: “The findings from this study are critical to current policy discussions that impact transgender people. Policy debates on access to bathrooms, discrimination and a host of other issues should rely on the best available data to assess potential impacts, including how many people may be affected.”

The research they conducted is also the first to break down the results by state. As you might expect, there are differences in the amount of adults who identify as trans.

The states with the highest amount of transgender adults are Hawaii (0.8%), California (0.8%), Georgia (0.8%), New Mexico (0.8%), Texas (0.7%), and Florida (0.7%).

However, North Dakota (0.3%), Iowa (0.3%), Wyoming (0.3%), Montana (0.3%), and South Dakota (0.3%) have the lowest percentages.

Their study also showed that younger adults are more likely to identify as trans, compared to older adults.

“Among adults ages 18 to 24, 0.7% identify as transgender; among adults ages 25 to 64, 0.6% identify as transgender; and among adults ages 65 and older, 0.5% identify as transgender.”

What’s interesting, is that the 1.4 million figure is double that of the one recorded 10 years ago. What this is down to is not clear, but it is probably due to the huge increase in visibility and acceptance.

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