Ruby Rose Attacks Brighton Pride After Performance Cancellation

Orange is the New Black star and all round heartthrob Ruby Rose has attacked the organisers of Brighton Pride after she pulled out of the event.

Ruby was due to perform a DJ set at the annual Pride event, but sadly pulled out after getting tonsillitis while on holiday.

Ruby said: ““Tonsillitis and unable to fly because of the pain it’s causing my ears. Means no more shows and I have to stay put before returning home, sorry guys. I didn’t even know you could get tonsillitis after like, 16.”

Shortly after this post, however, Brighton Pride informed the gay Pride parade’s attendees that Ruby had pulled out, but in their statement seemed to imply that she had chosen to cancel at the last minute.

Ruby said via Twitter: “You guys are so unprofessional I thank the heavens I didn’t put my health at risk for such a poorly run party.”

“Because this is totally where I’d rather be right now, rather than performing for my fans. Where I played last year and had a blast… Never let people make you feel bad for being sick and ALWAYS put your health first we have one life and one body. We are all human.”

When asked if she would perhaps return to Brighton Pride in the future, Ruby said: “Not a chance in a million years after this. The closest one to it but not with these people. Disgusting.”

Brighton Pride also insinuated that Ruby had cancelled in the past, to which she posted this tweet in response.

Brighton Pride replied: “Yeh the story is dated 2015.”

So Ruby replied: “yes and it’s 2016 now.. So what is “cancelled again?” So petty, attention grab.. As if I want to be sick as a dog.”

The original post from the Brighton Pride organisers that caused all the trouble has since been deleted, and they have apologised for the “misunderstanding”.

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Ruby Rose Attacks Brighton Pride After Performance Cancellation
Article Name
Ruby Rose Attacks Brighton Pride After Performance Cancellation
Ruby Rose has attacked Brighton Pride following the cancellation of her performance.