Ruby Rose is “Extremely Excited” to See Transgender & Gender Fluid Acceptance

Ruby Rose became a household name to many of us thanks to the excellent Orange is the New Black, but she stayed that way by being an all around interesting and candid person.

She has been very open over the last few years about her gender fluidity, and if you haven’t seen the infamous video of turning from a very feminine woman to a “manly” man, you have to watch it. (Although be warned it is slightly NSFW)

Recently she discussed how after years of mostly being invisible, both gender fluid and transgender people are at the forefront of the conversation and are becoming more accepted.

“I think the conversation went from almost non existent to being on everybody’s mouths. […] It’s weird, some of the androgynous photos I have taken lately really make me wonder what I’d have looked like if I did a FTM (female to male) transition like I wanted to when I was younger. Happy how I am.. I am a woman, but I would have been just as comfortable as a boy. I know a lot of people don’t understand that, but I know a few of you do.”

“Before I saw Laverne [Cox] in Orange [is the New Black], before I saw Transparent, before it became such a big thing, I just felt like it was LGB and the T was completely silent. In the last two years it’s become such an important topic and I think that’s wonderful.”

That final comment, “I just felt like it was LGB and the T was completely silent” is definitely a valid point. Until people like Laverne and (love her or hate her) Caitlyn Jenner came along, many people were unaware of the struggles and issues facing transgender and gender fluid people. The more people like Ruby and Laverne keep talking, and keep shining the light on the stories of people from the community that might otherwise be ignored, the more we can get true equality both within and outside of the community.

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