Ruby Rose Reflects On “Greatest Year” of Her Life

It’s safe to say that Ruby Rose had a pretty damn successful 2015, with her break out role in Orange is the New Black leading to all sorts of opportunities.

Ruby herself has reflected on the year just passed, calling it “one of the greatest years” of her life.

In an interview with AOL, she touched on quite a few topics, but mainly focused on her success and experience of filming OiTNB.

“Last year was the greatest year of my life. For starters, I’ve made friends that I’ll have with me for the rest of my life and I’ve learned skills that I’ll have for the rest of my life. The biggest thing that came out of that was that it really helped me break into the American market, which is an incredibly hard thing to do. And getting to work with that level of talent in all sectors for my biggest role ever in the States is nothing short of a blessing.”

“Every single person that works on that show [Orange is the New Black] is so brilliantly gifted in what they do that it just rubs off on you. The quintessential thing on that show is that all of the women support each other. That’s the biggest different between that show and some other shows that are out there: It’s not a common thing for a show that has that many women — acting, directing, writing — all get along as well as the family at ‘Orange’ do. It’s true; we really do all get along so well. Everyone is so good at giving each other feedback and running lines with one another and talking about what we think our characters are doing next.”

“The other thing is that, because we only get the scripts a week at a time, you never knew what’s going to happen [with your character]. We would sit and have these conspiracy theories about what was happening, and at one point we were all convinced that my character was in there to kill Laura Prepon’s character [Alex Vause]. You just don’t know until you get the next script. It was the most amazing experience of my life.”

She talked about a few other things, so check out the full interview here.

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