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Back in the game RUFUS WAINWRIGHT

Jack of all trades or Renaissance man. However you want to put it, RUFUS WAINWRIGHT, son of singers Loudon Wainwright III and the late Kate McGarrigle, certainly has his finger in many a pie whether it’s rock, classical, opera, recreations of old showbiz concerts or even film-making. SIMON GAGE caught up with him as he was celebrating a new “dancey” album and getting ready to marry his partner of seven years, Jörn Weisbrodt

The new album is very up and poppy. Is that because you’re in a happy place in your life?

It’s nice that people now have the idea that I can experience many emotions, isn’t it? But there’s a practical issue: even though I do write operas and do classical work and did the Judy Garland (his recreation of Garland’s legendary Carnegie Hall concert), at heart I am a pop musician, that’s where I started out and that’s where I make most of my money.

It sounds like you have a bit of a crush on your producer, Mark Ronson.

Oh, I do! I’ve fallen under the Ronsonite spell. If he was ugly that would be a relief. But he’s so handsome and so talented and so nice. It’s a tricky triumvirate. But he’s a very dear friend and it’s all above the belt and his wife is a good friend as well and my boyfriend loves him. Maybe we’ll have a foursome. That would be cool. It’s just part of the territory, the artist falling in love with the producer.


Are you a good boy now? You’re not allowed to play away?
Oh, why are you asking those kind of questions? We’re getting married next week!


What made you want to get married?
I was, for a long time… I wouldn’t say anti-gay marriage but not necessarily into the idea for myself. I subscribe more to the Wildean shore of love.


You mean shagging around?

Just that being gay meant complete and utter freedom in terms of sexual mores and I lived that and enjoyed it but then I had a child and I just felt like I wanted to honour the commitment we’d made to each other. Viva is biologicially my offspring and doesn’t have a connection to Jörn genetically but I know he’s going to be very involved in her upbringing so I wanted it to be kind of official. We’re at the forefront of this gay marriage venture and I think it’s going to be different from straight marriage. It’s pioneering territory and I’ve always liked to be out front.