RuPaul on Drag & Whats Next for Drag Race

RuPaul has certainly seen success recently, with the well loved Drag Race continuing to do well, and evening netting himself an Emmy win for his efforts.

He recently sat down for an interview with Gay Times were he talked about various things, including how drag queens, trans and non-conforming people are now being nominated for and winning mainstream Hollywood awards. Ru was asked if there any people from the past who deserved an award but just didn’t get it due to the time period.

“Well, I think the people who, like myself, who live outside the box understand early on that assimilating and getting awards based on a standard of status quo is really not that important. In fact, if that was the Holy Grail in my career, I would have given up years ago because people weren’t trying to understand, or hear, anything that I had to do with.”

“My point is—humans are basic, very basic, in that humans want the same, same thing. The people who I would have given an award to from years ago, they didn’t care about awards. Because, you know, that system of getting an award from the status quo cannot factor into one’s plans. Because you’d be waiting a long time. And, that can’t be the motivation for you to get out of bed in the morning. It has to come from within. It has to come from deep in your soul to do what you do. And, if an award comes then, right on.”

“Honestly, I’d give everyone a f**king award. I think everyone who gets out of bed in the morning gets an award. You know, it’s just how you look at it. This whole life is a gift. So, let’s start there. But, a statue, whatever, it’s not that important.”


He also touched on how drag hasn’t, in his opinion, really changed in all the years he’s been doing it.

“Well, drag really—it really hasn’t changed. You know, there are nuances that have changed, but the irreverence is really what drag is all about. Drag is there to remind our culture to not take itself too seriously. Drag queens have always mocked identity.”

“Now the biggest change I’ve seen, you know, is that a lot of girls will come and try to look exactly like their favorite pop star. Which sort misses—it kind of misses the irony of it. But, even if it misses the irony in their look, they still keep the irony in their attitude. And, that’s what’s important.”

And finally, he talked about what’s next, since he seems to be on a very successful streak at the moment. As usual, Ru’s answer was suitably down-to-earth.

“I’m going to try to get through today. It’s one day at a time. As I said, we just finished filming, and I have to remember where we left off before filming, even the months leading up to it, it’s all-encompassing. Getting back to my music and different other side projects that I do, like Skin Wars and Fresh Paint, that I host. But Drag Race, you know, that really is my legacy.”

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RuPaul on Drag & Whats Next for Drag Race
Article Name
RuPaul on Drag & Whats Next for Drag Race
RuPaul talks on drag and what's next for Drag Race, after his historic Emmy win.