Russell Tovey Says Being Gay “Made” His Career

There’s been a lot of hubbub surrounding Russell Tovey as of late in the LGBT scene, as we all look forward to his upcoming film The Pass which is out next month.

He recently sat down with the Evening Standard to discuss a variety of things, including how he differs from his character Jason whom he plays in The Pass and his career in general.

Despite the differences between actor and character, Russell still feels some resonance with Jason: ““I think growing up I absolutely at some point tried to become hyper-masculine. I think when I was a lot younger I was a lot freer. So I related to that side of Jason, to his pretense.”

However, there are also some big differences between their two stories.

“I was never tortured about being gay in the way that Jason is. I was watching the film of Beautiful Thing on TV. My mum came in and I turned it off and when she went to bed I turned it back on. I remember thinking ‘OK, that’s it’. It’s like someone had put their hand on mine and said, ‘There you go’. It’s a love story with a happy ending. It’s good to have role models and now there are so many more.”

He then moved on to a topic we have been talking about a lot recently, which is the lack of such role models within the world of sports. This is an ongoing thing, and probably will remain so until one big player decides to start the landslide by coming out.

Russell said: “Why is it the sport that still defies anybody being out? Statistics suggest there must be one player in every Premiership team who is gay. It seems to be the last taboo, which is why I think it’s great that this film is raising the issue and being recognised.”

An issue that many LGBT actors and professionals face is the impact that coming out might have on their career. While the world of Hollywood is more accepting than it used to be, there are still concerns, especially the one of being typecast.

But, Russell seems to feel pretty positively about the impact of his homosexuality on his career: “Honestly, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, being gay. It’s made my career.”

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Russell Tovey Says Being Gay
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Russell Tovey Says Being Gay
Russell Tovey talks about upcoming movie The Pass, and his career in general.