Sacha Baron Cohen Jokes That He’s 23 Percent Gay

Sacha Baron Cohen has played so many vibrant characters (Ali G, Borat, Bruno, etc.), and he is famous for continuing to stay in character for appearances long after filming has wrapped. So in a recent interview for WTF! Podcast, when Sacha Baron Cohen discussed sexuality, we have no idea where his act ends and the real person begins, but does it even matter?

Cohen spoke about playing his gay Austrian character, Bruno, and how he baited homophobes during the filming and would then be threatened or attacked. He said: “Particularly in Bruno, it’s a different form of prejudice. You have anti-Semitism, you have racism, but homophobia means fear of the homosexual. Where there’s fear that can turn into violence – and people who don’t like gay people are scared of them, and that can transition into violence pretty quickly.”


He then continued: “There was a study where they found out (…) homophobes who are most likely to be violent against gay people are those who had some increase in blood flow to their groin while seeing naked men.”

“Straight or gay… they’re silly terms because it’s a scale, and everyone is somewhere on the scale.”

The actor, who is married to Australian beauty, Isla Fisher, joked: “I’m 23 percent gay. I’ve worked it out, I did the calculations. I’m 23 percent gay. There are times I go down to 17, times I go up to 31.”

“When I was doing Borat and I had the testicles on my chin, I was at 31.”

“Everyone’s on that scale somewhere. Sexuality’s like being ‘black’ or ‘white’ – no one’s entirely black or white, unless they’re albino. They’re on a scale.”

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Sacha Baron Cohen Jokes That He’s 23 Percent Gay
Article Name
Sacha Baron Cohen Jokes That He’s 23 Percent Gay
Sacha Baron Cohen talks about homophobia and sexuality in a new interview, claiming he is 23 percent gay.