Sacramento Bar Listens to LGBT Community After Booking Controversial Shows

Due to the backlash of the LGBT community in Sacramento, the country bar Goldfield Trading Post canceled its sold-out shows for two musicians during Pride weekend in June. The two “hick-hop rapper” artists, Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones, are known for having “openly racist and homophobic views,” stirring up quite the controversy among LGBT supporters. On top of the seemed support of these artists, the community felt it even more insensitive that the shows were scheduled exactly during Pride weekend. To their defense, Goldfield’s Trading Post stated that they were “not aware of the festival dates when [they] confirmed Mr. Jones’s and Mr. Calhoun’s performances many months ago and certainly did not intend to deflect any attention away from your event.” Further, after being made aware of the volume of the protest, Goldfield’s not only canceled the shows, but apologized and responded that they stand with Sac Pride: “Over the past few days we have spoken to, but more importantly listened to, the community that we are very proud to be a part of. After hearing all of your concerns and feedback we have decided to go ahead and cancel the upcoming Adam Calhoun and Demun Jones shows. We apologize for the angst that booking these shows has caused many members of the community, and wish everyone a wonderful weekend in this great city of ours.” Interestingly, Adam Calhoun commented on the backlash himself, stating, “Yes they screamed enough to get our shows canceled in Sacramento, but fortunately for those people, I was raised better than to become a homophobic racist. So I will be there and I will show you what type of person I am and what I’m made of. It’s up for discussion with anybody.”