Sainsbury's apologises over gay kiss row

A branch of Sainsbury's in Brighton has apologised to a lesbian couple after they were told to stop kissing by a security guard.

Annabelle Paige, a student at Sussex University, was kissing her girlfriend in the store when a security guard asked them to stop because a customer had complained that it was "disgusting" and that she "feared" for her child.

Paige told the Times that the female security guard told them to either stop kissing or leave the shop.

"To be honest, I thought she was joking," Paige said. "I've never experienced something like that and at the same time as we were in the store there were heterosexual couples being as affectionate, if not more so."

Sainsbury's denies that the couple was asked to leave the store, but has apologised, saying that the couple were not behaving inappropriately and that they would make a donation to a charity of Paige's choice.