Sam Smith Responds To Homophobic “Poem”

Sam Smith has probably made one troll quite upset by sharing a link to a social media account which is set up purely to post abusive things about him.

The singer tweeted the account, which is so originally named “Gay Sam Smith”, which containts several homophobic insults. Despite this, though, Sam said he wasn’t going to let it bother him.

Instead, he decided to use the account’s existence to show how prevalent homophobia is in our society.


Sam had this to say regarding the account: “This genuinely doesn’t offend me, coz I’m way too thick skinned when it comes to this kind of sh*t. BUT I just wanted to share this with everyone, so you can see how homophobic is still SO PRESENT in our society!!”

This is hardly the first time that Sam has had to stand up to bullies, as he admitted back in March that he suffered at the hands of bullies growing up, who shouted “f**got” and other such slurs at him.


But, according to a statement from Sam at the time, he beat the bullies: “I came out at the end of year seven when I was 11. That shut a lot of the bullies up. I also made friends with some really nice girls and was singing. ‘I’d like to think I was a nice person and people respected me at my school.”

However, Sam also touched on the fact that there is still a lot of homophobia present in the gay community.

“There’s a lot of homophobia and bullying in the gay community. There’s also a lot of body dysmorphia in the gay community, which means if you’re not toned and skinny it can be awful.”