San Francisco 49ers React To HB2 In The Best Way

The National Football League is not happy with North Carolina for enacting HB2, the discriminatory law that targets LGBT individuals in the state.  Earlier this week, the San Francisco 49ers announced it is pledging $75,000 to the Equality North Carolina Foundation, a local organization that advocates for LGBT equality.

Jed York, the CEO of the 49ers, explained: “The San Francisco 49ers are deeply concerned about North Carolina’s recently-enacted House Bill 2, which overturned protections for LGBT people and sanctioned discrimination across the state… HB2 does not reflect the values of our organization, of our country, or the majority of North Carolinians.”

A spokesman from Equality North Carolina responded: “Our heartfelt thanks are with Jed York and the San Francisco 49ers for their support and leadership at this critical time… It is clear that leaders at the (North Carolina state legislature) must act quickly to salvage our state’s reputation.”

Building on this, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reinforced support for equality: “We have our policies that do not support in any way discrimination. It’s very important for us to have diversity. We’ve made that clear publicly. We’ve made that clear in other situations… The city of Charlotte has continued to fight this issue. We support those efforts. Anything that discriminates is something we oppose, and we will continue to fight that.”

In recent months we have heard from many musicians, actors and other entertainers who have expressed their opposition to the North Carolina law; it’s great that now representatives of professional sports are also speaking up for equality.

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