“Santa flag OK, rainbow flags not OK” – Discrimination Over LGBT Flag

Despite all the progress that’s been made over the last few years for equality and LGBT rights, there are unfortunately still many people with homophobic views. Recently, a Reddit user told of the discrimination they faced from their landlord over the hanging of a rainbow flag.

The Reddit user RainbowGirl2016 took to r/LGBT to tell her tale – following the election, she decided to hang a rainbow flag from her balcony and soon found herself being discriminated against for her choice of decor.


Shortly following this, she received a letter saying she was in violation of her lease which prohibits “Hanging plants, chimes, decorations, lights”. However, RainbowGirl2016 decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood and see if her neighbours had anything in violation. Given the holiday season, her neighbours had all sorts of Christmas lights and decorations that definitely fall under “hanging plants, chimes, decorations or lights”.



They were then told that seasonal, temporary decorations are permitted – but this was not to be found in the lease. They then received a response from the landlord admitting that there is an exception to “festive decorations for a limited time-period around the winter holidays”, which essentially boils down to an unequal implementation of the rules that is not in line with the lease. Of course “winter holidays” also runs counter to the comments from the apartment manager, who said that decorations for Veteran’s Day and the 4th of July were also permitted.

Eventually, the original poster decided to make her flag appropriate for the holidays…


Finally, after chasing her landlords for a clarification on what holiday decorations were permitted, it seems that RainbowGirl2016 scored herself a victory. It seems that the discriminatory implementation of the lease couldn’t hold up to scrutiny.


While it is a small victory, it’s still a heartwarming tale of someone fighting back against discrimination and winning – without negatively impacting her neighbours. There was some concerns raised that this could see Christmas decorations banned (which would be pretty bad), but it seems common sense won through and rainbow flags are no longer being banned while (in my opinion) overly done and tacky decorations are permitted.

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"Santa flag OK, rainbow flags not OK" - Discrimination Over LGBT Flag
Article Name
"Santa flag OK, rainbow flags not OK" - Discrimination Over LGBT Flag
A Reddit user in California reported discrimination from her landlord over the hanging of a rainbow flag.