Sarah Paulson: “People Should Be Allowed to Love Who They Please”

Sarah Paulson is probably best known to many of us as her many roles in the fantastic American Horror Story, and recently, her same-sex relationship with Holland Taylor.

But some of you might remember how she revealed her same-sex relationship way back in the dark days of 2005, when she kissed her then girlfriend Cherry Jones at the Tony Awards.

Sarah recently discussed this with NOTOFU magazine, that at the time it didn’t even cross her mind to react any other way.

“She won a Tony Award, I kissed her, and all of a sudden I was outed. I didn’t really think about it in that way at the time—I was just doing what one would do when a person they love has just won a big fat acting prize. What am I gonna do, pat her on the back and say ‘good job, dude?’ It didn’t occur to me to do anything but what I did.”

Despite this, though, there were naturally some anxieties for Sarah if this impromptu coming out would effect her career. However, she said these worries were quickly assuaged when she arrived on the NBC set for series Studio 60.

“On my very first day, when we met to do the table read for Studio 60, Aaron walked right up to me and says, ‘I didn’t know you were with Cherry Jones, that’s so wonderful. I just want you to know that you’re safe here. You never have anything to worry about. You’re safe here.'”

“It was the biggest exhale of my life… I didn’t realise how anxious about it I had been until he said that. […] I believe that everyone should be allowed to speak their truth and just say what they want to say and show the world who they are. You should be able to love whomever you f**king well please.”

Preach it, sister!

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American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson says "people should be allowed to love who they please". Preach it, sister!