Sarah Paulson Picks her Weirdest American Horror Story Role

Sarah Paulson Picks her Weirdest American Horror Story RoleAmerican Horror Story has taken some weird turns over the last six seasons, with each season taking us to a new story and new characters.

This of course presents a unique challenge for the actors, especially when they even play multiple characters in each season. We have seen this with Sarah Paulson, who has been with AHS since season one.

In last year’s season, American Horror Story: Hotel she played the ghost Sally, but also did a turn as a previously featured character, the psychic Billie Dean Howard. Over the years she has been a ghost, a physic, a supremely powerful witch. And now, American Horror Story: Roanoke, the sixth season of the show, sees her playing a slightly more pedestrian character: the yoga instructor Shelby.

Compared to her previous weird and wonderful roles and challenges that AHS has presented to her, this role is pretty ordinary. So, naturally people wonder what Sarah thinks the weirdest role as she played in her tenure on AHS.

Surprisingly, her answer was not the heroin addicted ghost or the two headed Siamese twin: “I think it’s actually what I’m doing on season six. There’s nothing extreme about her except for the situation that she’s in. So that is weirdly the weirdest thing I’ve ever done on American Horror Story.

While this answer was certainly unexpected from Sarah, it certainly makes sense. When you’ve spent the last five or so years of your acting career playing a series of strange and unusual characters, the more normal one is actually the odd one out.

What do you think is Sarah’s best performance in AHS? For me, it will always be her turn as Cordelia Foxx in Coven.

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Sarah Paulson Picks her Weirdest American Horror Story Role
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Sarah Paulson Picks her Weirdest American Horror Story Role
Sarah Paulson picks the weirdest role she has played in American Horror Story.