Scott Lively Begs For Support In SMUG Court Case

Scott Lively, a homophobic activist, is pleading for donations as his current supporters are “mostly elderly.”

Lively is currentl fighting against charges of crimes against humanity after he was accussed of helping in the persecution arrest and murder of LGBTQ+ people in Uganda.

The activists who brought this case against him are Sexual Minorities Uganda, or SMUG. They were able to bring accusations of violations of international law in US federal court, using the Allen Tort Statute.

Lively said in a statement: “My friends, SMUG v Lively is truly a David v Goliath battle. I’m running a one-man office on a shoestring budget of less than $120,000 per year, provided almost entirely by donations of $50 and $100 from average people.”

He then went on to say that his donor base is small and “mostly elderly” and that it’s “very difficult to expand due to the success of the anti-Lively propaganda.”

Lively is apparently also fearing for his business, Abiding Truth Ministries, as he said it was unlikely to “survive the decade” without further support.

“Frankly, I question whether ATM will survive the decade without greater support from the individuals scattered across the society who recognize the danger of the LGBT agenda and are willing to stand with us financially against it.”

According to Right Wing Watch, he had this to say in a separate letter: “We need to build international pro-family solidarity on a foundation of genuine moral authority, meaning it must rest on the premise that homosexuality itself is personally and socially harmful, and not pretend that our only social and political interests are the ‘welfare of children’ or the ‘definition of marriage’.”

“That pretense is a product of the same diseased pro-family “leadership” that marched the American pro-family movement from one disastrous defeat to the next for the past three decades, and it is now being exported to the rest of the world by the same men. An entire generation of American, British and Canadian children has been enslaved to this corrupt culture and ideology through the very propaganda that Russia has now banned….It deters the LGBT lobby from attempting to mainstream the ‘gay’ lifestyle, while granting the individual members of its community the ‘right to be left alone’ that was the original stated goal of their movement in its early years, before it adopted the militant fascist tactics it is known for today.”

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Scott Lively Begs For Support In SMUG Court Case
Article Name
Scott Lively Begs For Support In SMUG Court Case
Activist homophobe Scott Lively has begged for support in the ongoing SMUG court case, where he is accused of crimes against humanity.