Seth Owen on Ellen

Seth Owen, now a freshman at Georgetown University, appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week after news of his story went viral. Seth Owen was kicked out of his family home in his senior year of high school because he was gay. Originally, when his parents found out about his sexuality, they sent him to conversion therapy. After that didn’t work, they gave him an ultimatum: continue going to the same anti-gay church with the family, or leave. Seth took the courageous option and couch-surfed at friends homes throughout his remaining time in high school. Due to his incredible academic standing as valedictorian of his class, he was given admission to Georgetown University. However, since he was no longer living at home, it was up to him to foot the $20,000 tuition gap that remained after financial aid. A teacher at the time opened a GoFundMe account to help Seth obtain the remaining money for his college tuition. Surprisingly, they raised $141,000…way over the $20,000 needed. Thus, Seth explained to Ellen on the show that the remaining money unused for his tuition will go into a scholarship fund to help students that face similarly difficult situations like he did. When asked about his motivation, Seth told Ellen, “I often had to look up your videos for inspiration. There were so many times that you really pulled me through.” Finally, at the end of the shows segment, Ellen surprised Owen with a $25,000 check as part of the One Million Acts of Kindness campaign, to put towards his scholarship to help him continue to advocate for LGBT students in the U.S.