Sharon Stone Boycotts Mississippi & Ringo Starr Boycotts North Carolina

As predicated, the boycotts against the states with anti-LGBT laws in place are only continuing. Now, Sharon Stone and Ringo Starr have joined the fight against discrimination.

You might know that Sharon Stone was going to shoot her upcoming film, The Principle, in Mississippi. Now, in protest over the anti-LGBT law in the state, that is no longer the case.

Sharon is a well known and long time LGBT ally, as well as being a fervent AIDS activist. She said in a statement: “I will not work in any state that holds or is actively creating laws to legally support discrimination against American citizens whether due to their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, nor where those laws are passed or approved by the government of said state.”

The anti-LGBT law in place in Mississippi is one of the worst ones at the moment, and was signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant despite the controversy over similar laws in the south.

Moving over to North Carolina, Ringo Starr has joined alongside Bruce Springsteen by cancelling an appearance in the state over their discriminatory law. He revealed this news to ABC News, in an act of defiance against the anti-LGBT law which was recently amended.

When speaking to ABC, he said: “I’m sorry to disappoint my fans in the area, but we need to take a stand against this hatred. Spread peace and love.”

He then touched on the legislators who passed the bill, saying: “How sad that they feel this group of people cannot be defended.”

Ringo then concluded his statement by quoting the titles of two very appropriate songs: Canned Heat’s Let’s Work Together and the Beatles’ All You Need is Love.

The list of companies and celebrities with powerful voices boycotting these states is only growing, and there has been some speculation that upcoming North Carolina gigs from Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Pearl Jam might be cancelled as well.

That’s not to say that we should expect all shows to be cancelled in these states, as Cyndi Lauper has said that she won’t be cancelling her appearances in NC.

“I would play on North Carolina. I think that people would need us there. Wherever there’s a shut out, wherever people don’t accept other people, the other people need you.”

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Article Name
Sharon Stone Boycotts Mississippi & Ringo Starr Boycotts North Carolina
Sharon Stone and Ringo Starr have joined the fight against anti-LGBT laws by boycotting two different states.