Shocking Video Shows Man Being Denied Job Because He’s Gay

You would hope that we would be moving past this sort of discrimination in 2015, but sadly it looks like there is lots of work yet to be done.

Two men in Sweden recently conducted a video experiment, where they both interviewed for the same job. The tactic they employed was rather simple – Olle was gay, but was very much qualified for the position. The other, Konrad, was straight but met almost none of the requirements for the position.

You can clearly see in the video that the interviewer likes Olle the best, that is until he mentions the fact that he is gay. Then, all of a sudden the interviewer looks very uncomfortable and cuts the meeting short, and won’t even shake Olle’s hand as he hastily shows him the door.

Apparently, the interviewer has since contacted the pair and apologised for his attitude, but I doubt he would be doing that had he not been caught on video. What makes this video especially shocking (and it’s plenty shocking already), is that Sweden is a long-time bastion for equality.


You can watch the video below, as it does have English subtitles.