Singer Asks Fans To Forgive Bishop Who Fired Her For Being Gay

Kat Williams, a North Carolina singer and Emmy nominee, has performed twice for the Catholic Charities Diocese of Charlotte’s annual Gala For Hope, an event that raises funds for local low socio-economic families. That was, before the Catholic Church found out she was gay.

This year, the diocese’s bishop discovered that she was in a same-sex relationship when he read an article in Verve Magazine about the singer and her journey to overcome adversity and come out to her fans. Kat has been married to her wife, Lucretia VanDyke, for seven years.

After reading the magazine, the bishop let her know that she was no longer invited to sing at their annual gala.

“Marriage can only be between one man and one woman,” David Hains from the diocese said. “Because Ms. Williams chooses to be in a relationship that’s different from that, it really makes it inappropriate for her to perform for us.”

Hains said that it was not a personal choice but a religious one, accurately trying to represent the faith.

Kat took to Facebook to share her reaction. “I’m hurt and saddened! My entire career is gratefully connected to important causes or charities that I wholeheartedly believe in. This is the first time I’ve been fired from a performance solely based on who I chose to love.”

Some of her fans are boycotting the gala and the organization in a gesture of support. But she has responded by saying that she hopes her fans will forgive the diocese. And she has even invited the bishop to attend her church with her.

Way to take the high road, Kat!

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