Sir Elton John NOT Playing at Trump’s Inauguration

You may have heard the claims from a Trump advisor that Sir Elton John would be playing at the inauguration of President-elect Trump.

These comments came from Anthony Scaramucci who spoke to BBC Hardtalk, saying that Trump would “be the first American president in US history that enters the White House with a pro-gay rights stance. Elton John is going to be doing our concert on the mall for the inauguration.”

It seemed that Scaramucci needs to get better with his fact checking, as this claim as been “categorically denied” by representatives of Sir Elton.

The rep said: “There is no truth in this at all. Elton will not be performing at Trump’s inauguration.”

All this becomes ever stranger when you consider that not only is Scaramucci a top advisor to the upcoming President, the claims of Sir Elton performing were made despite of the fact that Sir Elton explicitly asked Trump not to play his music during the rallies.

Also keep in mind that Elton publically supported the Democratic candidate in Hillary Clinton during the election campaign. Clearly, some rather humorous miscommunication must have taken place, as despite this lack of support from Sir Elton these claims were made by someone who should be very in the know.

Still, at least fans of Sir Elton’s work can rest easy knowing that he hasn’t changed his tune with the election of Donald Trump.

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Sir Elton John NOT Playing at Trump's Inauguration
Article Name
Sir Elton John NOT Playing at Trump's Inauguration
Sir Elton John is NOT playing Donald Trump's inauguration, despite claims.