Sir John Gielgud gay film may go into production

A gay erotic film, scripted by the late Sir John Gielgud, may soon go into production.

According to the Guardian, the theatrical knight wrote the script for gay erotic filmmaker Peter De Rome who died earlier this year.

The script is called Trouser Bar and is set in a menswear shop. According to David McGillivray, who has produced a documentary on De Rome, Gielgud was "obsessed" with trousers and loved corduroy and leather.

"The John Gielgud estate is furious," he told the newspaper. "They won't let us do it, but they don't have a leg to stand on. So they're going to be very upset about this."

Gielgud, who died in 2000, never formally came out as gay, although he was arrested in 1953 for cruising in a public toilet which led to his having a nervous breakdown.