Slovenia Rejects Same-Sex Marriage – Called “Sad & Shocking”

Same-sex marriage has been rejected in Slovenia thanks to a referendum, a move that has been called “sad and shocking” by many.

Just yesterday, voters were asked to decide if they agreed that same-sex couples should have marriage equality, but two-thirds of people voted against it.

Co-chair of the ‘YES’ campaign in Slovenia, Simon Maljevac said: “The voters had a chance to put the values of solidarity, love, equality and family into practice but the conservative majority showed that it is not time yet for YES in Slovenia.”

“We have tried to show that there is no reason to deny a group of people the right to marry solely because of their sexual orientation but the feelings of fear and opponents misleading information during the campaign prevailed.”

Due to to Slovenia being a largely Catholic country, many pro-marriage equality advocates feel that when Pope Francis spoke against it, that was enough for them to lose the vote.

Miha Lobnik, from LGBTI rights group Legebitra, had this to say: “The results of the referendum sends a sad a shocking message to the world. Many people are disappointed of what happened. Legebitra has been working with individuals facing a number of hardships due to unequal legal treatment for many years. Despite the results, we will continue advocating on behalf of LGBTI individuals and their families. We will continue fighting for a more equal and tolerant Slovenia.”

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Slovenia Rejects Same-Sex Marriage - Called "Sad & Shocking"
Article Name
Slovenia Rejects Same-Sex Marriage - Called "Sad & Shocking"
Slovenia has sadly rejected same-sex marriage, a move labelled "sad and shocking" by many.