Sneak Peak From Our Upcoming Issue | Dr Who & The Gay Agenda

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The excerpt is below.

Back on 26 March 2005, television viewers saw the new Doctor Who — a lean, leather-jacketed Christopher Eccleston — momentarily pause while flicking through a copy of Heat magazine. “That won’t last,” he said of some unidentified celebrity couple on its pages. “He’s gay and she’s an alien.”


For some people, though, that quip was the first clear sign that 21st-century Doctor Who came with a gay agenda – a possibility first suggested soon after the BBC announced Davies’s involvement with the show. Despite his clear mainstream success with ITV’s period soap opera The Grand, it soon became clear that some vocal people simply couldn’t believe than the openly gay creator of Channel 4 series Queer As Folk — which had presented male gay sex far more explicitly than ever before on British television — was capable of writing anything suitable for children.


Only last year, six viewers complained to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom about the close-up of popular character, the Silurian Madam Vastra, kissing her human wife Jenny Flint, insisting it was “inappropriate” and “gratuitous”. (Strangely enough, there was little comment on the inter-species nature of the relationship!)

So have the show’s various production teams — perhaps the BBC itself — really used Doctor Who to forward some malicious gay agenda?

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Sneak Peak From Our Upcoming Issue | Dr Who & The Gay Agenda
Article Name
Sneak Peak From Our Upcoming Issue | Dr Who & The Gay Agenda
In anotther sneak peak from our upcoming issue of Pride Life magazine, we look at Doctor Who & the gay agenda.