Sneak Peak From Our Upcoming Issue | John Grant Talks His New Album & More

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The excerpt is below.

While most big-name gay singers still shy away from same-sex references in their songs, under the pretext of keeping a “universal” appeal, John Grant’s straightforwardness continues to impress.

Unconcerned with any danger of being pigeon-holed as a niche artist, his frank examinations of dysfunctional gay relationships have won him critical and commercial success, and a fan base that extends far beyond the boundaries of the gay demographic.

On his third solo album, Grey Tickles, Black Pressure, we find Grant casting a withering eye on certain aspects of gay society. “No more reindeer games with narcissistic queers,” he vows on No More Tangles, freeing himself from the suffocating vanity of a partner whose “hair smells terrific, but I cannot stand to have you around.”

Article Name
Sneak Peak From Our Upcoming Issue | John Grant Talks His New Album & More
A sneak peak from our upcoming issue, where John Grant talks about his new album and much much more. See the full thing in Pride Life Magazine issue 20.