South Korea Dismisses Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuit

Quite a while ago, I talked about how director Kim Jho Gwang-Soo and Kim Seung-Hwan were suing for recognition of their same-sex marriage. Sadly, though, the lawsuit has been dismissed by authorities.

This case was the first of it’s kind, and could have had long lasting ramifications had it succeeded, but sadly it was dismissed by the district court.

The couple held a marriage ceremony back in 2013, and recently submitted their marriage registration form to the authorities, which was rejected. This is what prompted the couple to have their marriage recognised in the eyes of the law.

The Seoul western district court issued a statement on their dismissal of the lawsuit: “Circumstances have changed concerning marriage, but unless there is separate legislation, a same sex union cannot be recognised as marriage under the existing legal system. Related laws, including the constitution and civil law, are premised on the notion of a conjugal bond meaning a union involving different sexes.”

So, it seems from that statement that the district court had no choice but to dismiss the case due to the current laws, which definitely calls for those laws to be updated.

Naturally, the couple were disappointed with the news, but they didn’t seem surprised. Kim Seung-Hwan spoke to the AFP, saying: “We regret the court decision, but we did see it coming.”

It’s not over yet, though, as they are intending on appealing the ruling. The couples lawyer, Ryu Min-Hee, had this to say: “When in doubt, all laws should be interpreted in a constitutional way. We’re disappointed but we’re not done yet.”

Here’s hoping their appeal goes better, but it seems that what is really needed is a push for the law of South Korea to be updated so couples such as this can be recognised.

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