Spring Clean Your Life – part 1

Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean Your Life – part 1


Gay men listen up, Spring is finally here, all about fresh growth, new starts, coming out of winter hibernation and looking forward to a gayj summer. So to help you put your best foot forward, STEVE BUSTIN asked some top experts to give him their tips on spring cleaning your life from top to bottom. Now you’ve no excuse for not looking and being the best you can be as the weather warms up.

How does the gay man Spring Clean Your… Skin?

The expert: Andrew Petrou of skindoctors.co.uk

  • Cleansing is the basis of any skincare regime. Use a good, effective cleanser and exfoliate up to three times per week. Skimp on cleansing and your whole regime is compromised.
  • Use a sunscreen daily. In your 20s and 30s you may think this is unimportant but it will make a difference. Starting late is better than starting too late.
  • Use an eye cream. Custom fit your cream to your age and your concerns, such as hydration, puffiness, wrinkles etc.

 Gay men get rid of Your… Clutter

The expert: Jayne Morris, author of Burnout to Brilliance, jaynemorris.com

  • Trash or treasure? Put aside all the things you definitely want to keep. These are your treasures. Ask yourself “Do I need/ use/ love this?” If the answer is no, out it must go!
  • Trash fast. Bag up your old things and get them out of your house or office completely, not just in the loft or garage. Take action on this fast.
  • Trust your space. Avoid temptation to create more clutter. If you don’t really love something, don’t buy it. Keep your space clear and your mind will feel clearer too.

Gay dating is here to stay… Dating 

The expert: Christina Wellor, Sex and relationship expert, christinawellor.com

  • Become a party planner. When the sun shines, everyone wants to socialise so give them somewhere to go. Plan gatherings, invite all your single friends and tell them to bring at least one other single person. It’s an easy and relaxed way to meet and mingle.
  • Get out more. When winter gives way to warmer weather, take advantage of the energy spring gives you and accept invitations to do things when they are offered. As an LGBT and gay community member you are encouraged to get out and be social.
  • Take extra care of yourself. Confidence is the biggest boost you can give to your pulling power, but it comes from self-appreciation. Love the way you look and your appreciation will rub off on others, making you even more attractive. #yourprideyourlife