Sri Lanka Politicians Reject Plans to Decriminalise Homosexuality

The top politicans in Sri Lanka have made a decision on legalising homosexuality within the country.

The cabinet met yesterday to discuss whether or not they would decriminalise same-sex relationships. Currently, same-sex households do not have any of the rights or protections of heterosexual couples.

There are even cases of Sri Lankan clinics which claim to be able to “cure” homosexuality, despite the fact that it’s widely recognised that homosexuality cannot be “cured” through any therapy.

According to the Daily Mirror in Sri Lanka, the cabinet members made the unfortunate decision to reject plans to decriminalise homosexuality. Instead, a provision will be placed within their Human Rights Action Plan.

While it sounds good at first, they are planning on stopping discrimination based on sexual orientation. However, many have rightfully pointed out that with LGBT rights being illegal is discrimination on it’s own, and also said that people won’t respect LGBT people when the law doesn’t say that they should. #

There have been protests from ministers about this mild and spineless change in the law. Despite this, there were other ministers who claimed that their plans were “yet another surreptitious attempt to recognize homosexuality.”

It has also been found by Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Barker, Vice Chair of Parliament’s APPG on Global LGBT Rights, that LGBT activists in Sri Lanka often receive death threats.

There is also the notorious group called “The Island Nation of Sinhale” who are well known inciting discrimination, hostility and violence against LGBT people.

They previously said: “Faggot activities aren’t legal. Let’s take the law into our own hands. If the police aren’t going to do anything about it our community is ready to do it ourselves. We will not let these mother f**king dogs to ruin our culture.”

The fact that politicians have placed “anti-discrimination” laws into place when the act of being LGBT is a crime in itself, and when LGBT pople are not even recognised by the law in this day and age is both a joke and disgusting.

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Sri Lanka Politicians Reject Plans to Decriminalise Homosexuality
Article Name
Sri Lanka Politicians Reject Plans to Decriminalise Homosexuality
Politicians in Sri Lanka have rejected plans to decriminalise homosexuality in the country.