Standing up Against Transphobia Cost Waitress Her Job

A woman working at Fat Joe’s Bar and Grill was fired for standing up for a transgender customer in Wisconsin. While serving tables at the restaurant, a couple in her section was making fun of a transgender customer who was sitting at the bar. The couple made transphobic and offensive remarks, and asked the waitress “why they would let someone in the establishment like that” and “if she thought it was disgusting.” The waitress, Brittany Spencer, answered “no” before walking away and promptly asking her manager to have someone else serve the couple because they made her uncomfortable. The manager refused to let her have someone else serve them and basically told her to “suck it up or go home,” so she went home. She was fired the next day.

Spencer took to social media to voice her opinions about what happened, and was met with incredible support for taking a stand against transphobia. Spencer stated, “Turning a blind eye to hate is just as bad as saying the hateful things in my opinion.”