Star Wars Firm Pleads Guilty over Harrison Ford Injury

You may recall how Harrison Ford was injured rather badly (a broken leg, to be exact) while filming Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Now, the production company behind Star Wars has pleaded guilty to criminal charges due to Ford’s injury on their set. He was injured on the set of the Millennium Falcon in Pinewood studios, where a hydraulic door hit him.

Foodles Production (UK) Ltd, admitted to two out of four criminal charges at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court, and they will be sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on August 22.

The two other charges they faced were withdrawn.

On the prosecuting side, Andrew Marshall said to the court that Ford went through the door on the set of Star Wars Episode 7 and hit a button before walking back through it, thinking that the set wasn’t live and it wouldn’t actually operate.

But, it was actually remotely operated by someone else and as Ford passed, he was hit in the pelvis and then pinned to the ground.

According to Marshall, there was “risk of death”.

“It could have killed somebody. The fact that it didn’t was because an emergency stop was activated.”

The Health and Safety Executive said that Ford was “badly injured after he became trapped under a rapidly closing metal-framed door”.

According to a spokesperson, the hydraulic door’s power was comparable “to the weight of a small car”.

“Foodles Production (UK) Ltd has accepted it failed to protect actors and staff and HSE welcomes the firm’s guilty plea.”

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Star Wars Firm Pleads Guilty over Harrison Ford Injury
Article Name
Star Wars Firm Pleads Guilty over Harrison Ford Injury
The Star Wars The Force Awakens production firm has pleaded guilty over injuries suffered by Harrison Ford.