Star Wars The Force Awakens Still Reigns Supreme At US Box Office

Unsurprisingly, the latest iteration in the Star Wars franchise is doing rather well for itself. The inherent popularity of the film, coupled with a quiet new year weekend at the US box office, has resulted in some pretty nice figures for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

According to studio estimates, the film’s US total now stands at an impressive $740.2 million.

Episode 7 earned itself $88.3 million just this weekend, a drop of roughly 40%, and has been happily racing past other releases in the rankings. It has already beaten both Titanic and Jurassic World on the all-time US domestic chart, and is on course to overtake Avatar, the current top dog. As you may recall, James Cameron’s Avatar took in $760.5 million.

Globally speaking, Star Wars The Force Awakens is sitting comfortably in sixth place, having beaten Fast & Furious 7 and Avengers Assemble to earn that spot. Let’s not forget that the film opens in China in just a few days (January 9), so the franchise entry will undoubtedly get a nice boost from that.

By the looks of things, Star Wars is well set to become the new reigning champion of the all-time domestic chart.

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Article Name
Star Wars The Force Awakens Still Reigns Supreme At US Box Office
Star Wars The Force Awakens is still reigning supreme the US box office, and looks on track to topple Avatar from the best seller spot on the US chart.