State Indicts Jerusalem Pride Attacker For Murder

We all know about the horrible and shocking attack that took place at Jerusalem Pride, which sadly ended up taking the life of a young girl.

Yishai Schlissel, the man behind the attack at Jerusalem Pride 2015, has been indicted for murder, 6 counts of attempted murder, and for causing other injuries by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office.

The stabbings horrified the country, and the LGBT community, and even garnered condemnation from major orthodox religious figures as well as international attention.

Many have wondered why a closer eye was not kept on Schlissel, as he had been previously imprisoned for 10 years after stabbing three people at the Jerusalem Pride in 2005, and made the new attack just three weeks after being released. He was arrested  in the midst of his rampage, but sadly not soon enough to prevent the death of 16 year old Shira Banki.

The court is taking no chances here, as on August 5 they ordered a psychiatric evaluation to make sure that Schlissel is mentally competent to stand trial, and was eventually found sane. The prosecution wanted to get him evaluated as soon as possible, even before they pushed for indictment, so to avoid any potential weakness in their case later down the line.


Schlissel has repeatedly told the court at hearings that he does not recognise their authority, and has even refused an attorney. On August 5, the court gave him a last chance to have a public defender and this was his response: “I am not interested in being represented. You have no authority to judge. This [the hearing] is not in accordance with the holy Torah. I don’t want to take part in this illegal show, not by myself and not through any representative.”