Stephen Crabb Claims Links to “Gay Cure” Therapies Are “Fabricated”

You’ve probably heard the disturbing accusations that Stephen Crabb, who is in the running for Conversative leadership and the Prime Minister spot, has links to “gay cure” therapies.

He touched on these accusations with BBC Radio 4, and said: “I don’t believe that being gay is a sin, I don’t believe that it’s something to be cured, I’ve never said anything like that. The quote that I think you are referring to, that’s circulated on social media, was entirely fabricated. I’ve never said anything at all to suggest that I have ever endorsed ‘gay cure’ therapies. This is complete falsehood spread by political opponents.”

You may remember, however, that back in 2013 Crabb voted against the legalisation of same-sex marriage here in the UK, but is now apparently he is “happy” with the UK’s decision to have marriage equality.

“I totally, totally support equal marriage in law and I am playing my part in Government now to contribute and foster a climate and culture of tolerance and respect. I don’t want anybody in society feeling second best, whether that’s to do with the colour of their skin or their sexuality.”

Crabb found himself amidst controversy when he was linked to “gay cure” organisation CARE, who have called bisexuals “broken” and said they can become “ex-gay”.

“I don’t know whether it is a view that CARE holds. If it is, I don’t agree with it. The idea that being gay is something to be cured, that is reprehensible. That’s ever been part of anything that I believe and it’s certainly not part of my Christian outlook.”

It’s as George R.R Martin wrote: “Oaths are words, and words are but wind.”

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Stephen Crabb, a candidate for PM, has claimed his links to "gay cure" therapies are "fabricated".