Stockholm Pride & Gothenburg West Pride To Host EuroPride 2018

The European Pride Organisers Association like to plan ahead, and they have announced that Stockholm Pride & West Pride in Gothenburg will host EuroPride in 2018.

For those wondering, the celebrations will begin in Gothenburg in June, and end in Stockholm in August.

In a joint statement, Sandra Ehne, Chairperson of Stockholm Pride, and Laila Poulsen, Chairpeople of West Pride had this to say: “We’re looking forward to a summer painted with the colors of the rainbow, with a dazzling celebration, discussion and manifesting the equal rights of all people, starting in Gothenburg in June and ending in August in Stockholm. We want to challenge the framework of what a Pride festival is. Every festival is part of a larger battle for the equal rights of all people. By collaborating with other festivals in Sweden and Europe, we’re showing that Pride and the LGBT movement are bigger than each week and city.”

Naturally, the theme of this venture is going to be one of international solidarity, as well as the usual array of challenging societal norms and celebrating your right to be who you were meant to be. Pride is always a special occasion for LGBTQ+ people, and EuroPride 2018 is shaping up to be a special one.

Anneli Hulthén, who is mayor of Gothenburg, had this to say: “It is with great joy that I welcome EuroPride 2018 to Gothenburg! The rights of LGBT individuals are human rights and human dignity is international. Together, we can make a difference in the world.”

EuroPride 2015 in Riga

Some of you may remember that this not the first time for either Sweden or Gothenburg, as they held EuroPride in 1998 and 2008. Now, they will have the honour of hosting the 25th EuroPride event, in what is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries in the world.

Karin Wanngård, Commissioner of Finance in Stockholm, also chimed in: “”Stockholm is known worldwide as an open city, and we are happy and proud to welcome EuroPride for the third time. We have the necessary capacity to hold this kind of big event, and I look forward to welcoming visitors from Sweden and the rest of the world to EuroPride 2018.”

And to finish things off, we also have a statement from Gabriel Dorch, of VisitSweden: “I’m thriled that Sweden will have the opportunity to host this globally renowned LGBT celebration in both our largest cities. Stockholm was earlier this year honoured as “Destination of the Year” at the British LGBT Awards as a result of a public vote and we have been doing great work to attract more LGBT people to holiday in Gothenburg and West Sweden. West Pride has grown as an event in which people from the UK travel to and it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to put all of Sweden in the spotlight and highlight what an amazing destination we are for LGBT travellers.”