Stonewall Hopes To See More Travel Agencies Warning LGBT Travelers Of Intolerance

The LGBT charity Stonewall has asked travel agencies to take greater responsibility for reporting to LGBT travelers whether destinations will welcome them or not. They hope travel operators will help plan ahead for their customers by researching the LGBT friendliness of various locales.

Recently, Kuoni, a travel and tour organization, hired 10 LGBT “experts” that will help guide customers to safe and welcoming travel destinations and accommodations.

Vicky Constance, a representative of Stonewall, said: “We are really pleased to see travel companies like Kuoni take clear steps to recognize and act upon the needs of their diverse customer base. LGBT customers have an equal right to travel safely and enjoy their holiday, and we would welcome further action from the travel industry to take more responsibility in communicating these key messages to their staff and customers.”

Mark Duguid from Kuoni agreed: “There is a difference between exploring a sought-after destination where some discretion is required and a progressive destination where LGBT travelers are truly welcome. Increasingly parts of the world are embracing LGBT rights so the situation is evolving.”

With the legalization of gay marriage in the US and several other countries, more and more LGBT couples are going on honeymoons, so the LGBT travel market is blooming. And under these circumstances, we can only hope the travel agencies evolve alongside them.

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