Stranger Things’ David Harbour on Brokeback Mountain & More

Stranger Things is, without out a doubt, one of the finest TV shows of this year and it just got confirmed for season two.

One of the many stars this Netflix original series has made is David Harbour, who stars as Sheriff Jim Hopper. However, you may have recognised him from Brokeback Mountian, where he played Heath Ledger’s competition.

In a recent interview with OUT, David discussed a few things, including Stranger Things, Brokeback Mountain and more. Firstly, he discussed the choices he made for his character in the now legendary Brokeback Mountain.

“I remember being sent that script and meeting Ang [Lee, the director] and feeling like it was a really beautiful movie that at the end of the day is about love. For my character, I thought about having a secret that could threaten to destroy your world, something that with these guys was so shameful, but so necessary to their reality they couldn’t deny it. It’s almost like grass shooting through a sidewalk —our nature comes through.”

He also touched on whether he realised at the time that the film was set to become a classic LGBT love story.

“I remember when we were making it that there were a lot of late-night talk shows making jokes about it. Which I wasn’t really keen on. People underestimated it. When I read the script and when we were shooting, I thought that it was very special and that the world would really appreciate it. And I was right. It’s a movie I am very proud of.”

Another thing that David touched on was the “demogorgon” monster of Stranger Things and his persual of the character Will, and the metaphorical comparisons to be made there.

“I love that interpretation. I’m not gay, but my understanding of it is that being gay, you feel like a freak. You’ve adopted this idea of queer as a culture. And I definitely understand feeling different, feeling alone, feeling like a nerd, so I have a lot of empathy.”

“And I love the journey of being able to protect someone who feels different and alone and to embrace them and have them be included — to save them and to bring them into the fold is a wonderful thing that a human being can do.”

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Stranger Things' David Harbour on Brokeback Mountain & More
Article Name
Stranger Things' David Harbour on Brokeback Mountain & More
Stranger Things' David Harbour, AKA Sheriff Jim Hopper, speaks on Brokeback Mountain & more.