Student Detained in Connection With Murder of LBGT Activist

The news of the horrible murder of Xulhaz Mannan – editor of LGBT magazine Roopban – and his friend Mahbub Tonoy, have spread like wildfire.

Now, Bangladeshi police have said they’ve recovered “important evidence” connected to these brutal murders and detained a college student as well.

A spokesperson for the police said: “We have detained a college student last night for questioning.”

Shibli Noman, the Senior Assistant Police Commissioner, said that local police found a bag used by the assailants in the attack, and it’s being treated as “important evidence” in this case.

Noman continued: “Police ASI Momtaz Ahmed chased the killers and managed to snatch a bag from them as they were fleeing the scene – during the scuffle the officer was also injured.”

According to officials, there were several items in the bag, including a mobile phone.

At the moment, the killers for Mannan and Tonoy are believed to have posed as couriers in order to enter the building. Once inside, they killed both men and injured a third.

US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat also spoke on these tragic murders, saying: “I am devastated by the brutal murder of Xulhaz Mannan and another young Bangladeshi. Xulhaz was more than a colleague to those of us fortunate to work with him at the US Embassy.”

“He was a dear friend, We abhor this senseless act of violence and urge the Government of Bangladesh in the strongest terms to apprehend the criminals behind these murders.”

IS has claimed responsibility, but authorities insist there is no IS presence in the country. Given the arrest of the college student, it is unlikely that IS are not the cause of this horrific attack.

However, we will have to wait and see what the police investigators uncover.

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Student Detained in Connection With Murder of LBGT Activist
Article Name
Student Detained in Connection With Murder of LBGT Activist
A student has been detained in connection with the murder of LGBT activist, Xulhaz Mannan and his friend Mahbub Tonoy.