Study Claims “Born This Way” Has Little Effect On Homophobia Rates

A new study is claiming that the belief that LGBT people are “born this way” (as we all know we are), does little to reduce homophobia.

This study was done by researches at the University of Tennessee and the University of Missouri, who wanted to challenge the belief that people who believe LGBT people are born this way are less homophobic.

Their study looked at two groups of college students, most of whom believed that one’s sexual orientation is inborn and unchangeable.

Apparently, many people within these two groups believed that gay men who were “born this way” also believed that they’re “all the same and act the same way”. Many were also more prone to prejudicial beliefs.

The lead author of this study, Patrick Grzanka, had this to say: “We suggest that this demonstrates the limited capacity of “born this way” arguments to reduce homophobia.”

He also noted that beliefs regarding sexual orientation have profound effects on science, policy and of course the law.

As we all know, the argument that sexual orientation is something that’s ingrained and unchangeable has been the cornerstone for many landmark court cases and decisions, including marriage equality.

Grzanka went on to say: “‘Born this way’ arguments have been the cornerstone of LGBT advocacy against horrific attempts by physicians, clergy and psychologists to turn sexual minorities into heterosexuals.”

“And yet there is little scientific evidence to suggest that the categories we use today in the United States – categories that are historically quite new – originate in the body at all.”

“I think social scientists, lawyers, biological researchers, and activists all need to examine why it is that many of us are so deeply invested in biological explanations of sexual orientation, partic ularly when they appear to have limited efficacy in terms of promoting more positive attitudes toward sexual minorities.”

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Study Claims "Born This Way" Has Little Effect On Homophobia Rates
Article Name
Study Claims "Born This Way" Has Little Effect On Homophobia Rates
A new study claims that the belief of LGBT people being "born this way" has little effect on homophobia rates.