STYX Donate Proceeds From North Carolina Concert To LGBT Charities

While many entertainers have decided to cancel shows in North Carolina in protest of the state’s anti-LGBT law, the rock band STYX has a different approach.

STYX and Don Fedler (former Eagles member) have announced they will not cancel their show in North Carolina on May 18th, but instead they will hold the show and donate the proceeds to charity.  Fortunately, the LGBT Center of Raleigh and Equality NC are two of the local charities that will benefit.  In addition to the ticket sales, STYX will also hold a raffle to benefit the charities.

JY Young, STYX member, explained that: “Ever since original bass player Chuck Panozzo let the world know that he was gay at the turn of the century, we’ve been incredibly enlightened in regard to LGBT social issues… STYX’s music has always been inclusive for everyone and this is just us doing our small part to continue to be a band that excludes no one from our fan base or our concerts.”

Felder expanded on this: “Our nation was founded on liberty and justice for all and should remain the core essence of freedom for all people…I look forward to seeing fans from all walks of life, race, religion, and sexual orientation in North Carolina.  I am proud that we were able to do our part to contribute to organizations fighting for equality.”

As you may recall, Cyndi Lauper also held shows in North Carolina and donated proceeds to local LGBT groups; however, many other musicians refuse to play in the state, such as Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr.

So what do you think is a more effective strategy to combat the discriminatory law – cancel all shows in North Carolina and refuse to play until the law is overturned or agree to play a scheduled show and donate proceeds to local LGBT charities?

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STYX Donate Proceeds From North Carolina Concert To LGBT Charities
Article Name
STYX Donate Proceeds From North Carolina Concert To LGBT Charities
STYX will continue with their May 18th concert in North Carolina and the proceeds from that event will go to local LGBT organizations.