Support From Donors Helps Utah LGBT Therapy Service Stay Afloat After Split

A Utah community comes together to help support Flourish Therapy through donations, a company which provides mental health services to the LGBT community in Utah. “About half of Flourish Therapy clients receive free services, many of whom are teenagers who don’t have insurance and can’t afford therapy,” according to the company. Flourish mental health provider Laura Dulin commented on their work, “We have taken guns out of cars, we have found people passed out in their homes, we have talked a lot of people off ledges.” Until May of this year, Flourish Therapy was partnered with the nonprofit Encircle and relied on their funding. However, attorneys recently advised Encircle, a youth LGBTQ resource center, that their support of a for-profit organization could create problems with the IRS, so they hired in-house mental health providers instead. The split seemed to end amicably, and Encircle also asked for the community to help support Flourish and offered some of the counselors jobs to stay on, but many of the professionals and about 200 of the clients followed the Flourish team after the split. Encircle CEO Stephanie Larsen noted, “The more resources that are out there and available for these youth and their families, the better.”